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Top 5 Massage Guns In The UK! Based On Features, Quality, And Price

Over 149+ Tested By Our Local 🇬🇧 Fitness Expert, The Winner May Surprise You.
✔️ 2023 Updated

Are you looking for a way to loosen tight muscles and relieve muscle soreness? A relaxing massage could be the answer.

Previously this meant that you had to go to a spa or a masseuse, but with the invention of massage guns you can get all those pesky knots out from the comfort of your own home.

The explosion in popularity of percussion therapy in recent years lead to many different companies releasing their own massage gun models. 

That is why we decided to test over 149 of the most popular massage guns and rank them on their power, battery life, quality and price.

Our testing revealed that paying extra for a big brand model was often a waste of money as they didn’t perform significantly better than more affordable devices.

To our surprise, the test winner was actually from a smaller company that managed to beat the big brands in both video quality, convenient features, design, and pricing.

Here’s out TOP 5 pick this year, with a full review at the bottom of the page.

#1 🇬🇧 TOP PICK 2023




User Ratings (6,358+)

Price: £124.00  £250.00


Money Back Guarantee: Try Risk Free For 30 Days.




Price: £179




Price: £249

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Price: £250





Price: £299





User Ratings (6,358+)

Price: £124.00  £250.00


Money Back Guarantee: Try Risk Free For 30 Days.


Four different massage head attachments allow you to hit all muscles with maximum efficiency.


Muscle Relax Pro is the most silent massage device on the market allowing you to use it while watching tv or working with no disturbance.


You don't need to stress about your massage gun running out of battery with up to 180 mins of run time. The battery also recharges very quickly and efficiently.

#1 🇬🇧 MASSAGE GUN 2023

We Bought and Tested the Most Popular Massage Guns, Here's Why Muscle Relax Pro Is Our #1 Pick.

SUMMARY – Getting a relaxing massage to decrease pain, stress and help you recover doesn’t have to cost a fortune any longer. The ProMassager gun offers multiple attachments, long battery life and a powerful massage for an affordable price

UPDATE 2023: Due to frequent media coverage and high consumer demand, Muscle Relax Pro is currently sold out in retail stores nationwide. However, it may still be available on their online website HERE.

Sports and lifting weights have been a big part of my life for many years. As a result I’ve encountered my fair share of injuries and visited multiple physiotherapists to address them.

I’ve also invested in almost every recovery ‘health fad’ such getting ice baths, cupping , sauna, regular massage and supplements. Simply put, I have a lot of experience dealing with muscle pain and aches; whether it’s from going too hard at the gym or sitting too long at my desk.

Most of the time the relief comes from loosening muscle fibres, promoting blood circulation and applying heat.

When I first heard about massage guns I was pretty excited to try them out as they would tick all those boxes only to be disappointed. Most of the devices I tried simply ‘vibrate’ and don’t actually get deep into the muscle tissues.

I gave up on massage guns for the most part until my physiotherapist convinced me to try the Muscle Relax Pro since she used it in her professional clinic. She said even telling me about this device would risk me not coming back to see her; that’s how good she claimed it was. Naturally I had to try it out.

First Impressions

The Muscle Relax Pro arrived a few days after ordering so things were already off to a good start.

Upon opening the package I was immediately impressed. The design and shape of the massage gun and attachments made it look like a very high end expensive model. 

When I held it in my hand it felt sturdy and comfortable. Some of the other models that I used in the past felt like some plastic toy you would get for your kid rather than a real recovery device. The Muscle Relax Pro on the other hand felt more like a professional massage gun, like one you would find at a physiotherapist’s or chiropractor’s office.

The massage gun came with 4 different attachments and convenient nice looking carry case that you could take somewhere like the gym.

Overall I think we’ve all experienced the difference of a cheap or brittle product and a high quality one, whether its sunglasses, clothes or shoes… well massage guns are no different and this one felt and looked amazing.

Design and ergonomics

The first thing I noticed about the design is the high quality and rigid plastic material it was made of. It wasn’t flimsy like some other devices.

The other thing was how perfectly balanced it felt when holding it and how gentle it was on the wrist. They had obviously worked out the optimal weight and proportions of the gun to maximise the ergonomics of it.

You may be surprised to know but in my experience and the reviews of other massage gun users, some devices actually cause wrist injuries after using them because of how heavy and uncomfortable they are to hold. The team at Muscle Relax Pro really took this into account in their design process.


When it came to testing the Muscle Relax Pro I tried to think of a time when I would need it most. Almost instantly my mind jumped to arm day. Many would agree that it’s a difficult workout to complete and costs a lot to recover from.

So after some excruciating biceps and triceps sessions, I was ready to really try this massage device.

I don’t know how many of you have experienced post-workout arm pain, but let me tell you, it’s far from fun. With the previous massage models I had tried, the idea of subjecting my arms to a stream of infrared light seemed more painful than doing nothing at all.

That’s when I realized how beneficial infrared light heating was. I started using the Muscle Relax Pro on the lowest settings to make it easier to massage and it really didn’t hurt at all. I used it for about 10 minutes and noticed almost immediate relief.

The most surprising thing is that the next day I woke up with no pain in my arms. I still had a little pain, but nothing compared to when I didn’t use the massage gun to recover.

Does it work for neck/shoulder pain?

You may be reading this and thinking “Well great, it works for recovering in the gym, but what about every day neck and shoulder pain?”

Well just like you , I have to sit most of the day for my office job and that tends to take its toll. The pain and discomfort in my neck and traps can sometimes get pretty unbearable. A regular massage usually helps, so why not a massage gun?

So I tried to use the Muscle Relax Pro after on my traps and around my neck to release some of the knots. Let me tell you it felt absolutely amazing. After 5 minutes I could move my neck side to side with no problems or pain!

What else makes the Muscle Relax Pro different from other products?

After testing over 54 different massage guns, Muscle Relax Pro out performed the competition in many aspects. Here are some of the amazing features that stood out:

🗹 Versatility– The 4 different massage heads help you a deep massage in any area of your body. You can use the smaller attachments for a more precise approach on smaller muscle groups e.g. arms or traps.

🗹 Battery Life – Packed with the latest energy efficiency tech, this massage gun’s battery lasts twice as long as most competitors.

🗹 Silent Operation – This massage gun is very quiet unlike other models which sound like a bloody drill. You can easily watch TV or have a conversation while using this device without any disturbance. 

🗹 Convenient Display – The high def. LED display allows you to easily tell what speed, intensity and battery level you’re at.

🗹 Ergonomic Grip – The massage gun feels perfectly balanced in your hand and the non-slip grip allows you to use it with maximum comfort.

🗹 Carry Case Included – Comes with a convenient carry case letting you take the device wherever you want e.g. the gym.

But...Is It Really Worth All This Hype?

So far, Muscle Relax Pro has sold multiple thousands of units directly to consumers. It’s has been selling out every time they re-stock, it’s become THAT popular.

All of the success can be attributed to word of mouth referrals. People like you and I are loving it so much they’re posting about it on social media. 

Here are some posts I found online.

It’s clear that the Muscle Relax Pro is developing a cult like following on social media!

Your Common Questions & Answers

With the rise in popularity, our readers have emailed us many questions about this massage gun. We’ve picked some of the common questions and answered them using objective tests. Here are some of them:

Yes! The Muscle Relax Pro was designed with everybody in mind. It is easy to hold and is the perfect size for you to take wherever you go. The included carry case makes it very easy to transport.

No, the Muscle Relax Pro comes with a rechargeable battery and cord that you can connect to any outlet.

The device has a 1800mAh lithium battery which allows for up to 3 hours of continuous use as well as fast charging.
Each massage head is suitable for a specific muscle group and target area. The included instructions explain what attachment is recommended for your goals.

How Much Does It Cost?

Normally, quality percussive massage guns go for between £400-600+, so one would expect the Muscle Relax Pro to be in this price range too…

In reality, the Muscle Relax Pro sells for £250, since the founders are doing everything to keep the prices low. However the company has recently announced a limited time 50% off sale bringing the price down to just £124 on their online site!

You can click HERE to check if the deal is still available on their offical website.

It’s certainly a small price to pay to improve recovery and decrease muscle pain from the comfort of your home!

How Can It Be So Affordable?

The big name brands spend billions on fancy advertising (e.g. $6.5 Million for a 30 sec SuperBowl Ad). Guess who’s paying for that in the end? The customer!

Instead, Muscle Relax Pro doesn’t run many ads and instead relies on word of mouth referral sales from their customers. That and selling mostly through their online store allowed them to keep costs lower than the competition.

So, What's The Verdict?

Everyone who has tested the Muscle Relax Pro unanimously agrees; this is a must have device for anyone who wants to recover faster and reduce muscle aches.

If you’re thinking of getting one, we suggest taking advantage of the 50% off introductory discount before it runs out.

If you’re still on the fence, Muscle Relax Pro has a 30 day money back guarantee (no questions asked) meaning that you could always buy one and return if if you don’t like it.

Where Can I Buy The Muscle Relax Pro?

To take advantage of the current 50% discount and order simply follow these steps:
1. Visit the official website to check stock
2. Select the amount of devices you want to purchase
3. Fill your shipping information and payment method
4. Enjoy an Instant warmth and comfort at the push of a button!


As 2023, Ever since the Muscle Relax Pro was on major international media, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a one-time, 50% discount.


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