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Top 5 Portable Air Conditioners & Air Coolers In UK Based On Freshness, Convenience, Power And Ease of use

Over 79+  tested by our local tech expert, the winner may surprise you.
✔️ 2024 Updated

The heat becomes unbearable when summer arrives, and more and more every year. This means that we have to spend too much on our electricity bill by turning on the traditional air conditioning units for a long time. Don’t you think it’s about time to cool off while saving on your bill?

For several years, air conditioning brands have largely dominated the fan market due to their large advertising budgets and popularity. However, in recent years many new options have appeared on the market that not everyone knows about. 

We tested 79 portable air conditioners and air coolers and the results revealed that paying extra for big brand names was often a waste of money. To our surprise, the winner of our test was created by a small start-up company that managed to beat the competition in ingenuity, power, design, effectiveness and price.

Here’s out TOP 5 pick this year, with a full review at the bottom of the page.

#1 🇬🇧 TOP PICK 2024




User Ratings (12,537+)

Price: £49.95  £99.90


Money Back Guarantee: Try Risk Free For 60 Days.




User Ratings (2,169+)

Price: £130




User Ratings (1,154+)

Price: £80

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User Ratings (832+)

Dyson HP10
Price: £399




User Ratings (464+)

Philips AMF870
Price: £359 





User Ratings (12,358+)

Price: £49.95  £99.90


Money Back Guarantee: Try Risk Free For 60 Days.


It has a relax mode, standard mode and powerful mode so that you can use the one that suits you best at all times.


With Nexfan you will have cooler and healthier air thanks to its latest generation air filters.


Having a traditional cold air blower is expensive and energy consuming, with Nexfan you don't have this problem.

NEXFAN £44.95 £99.90
#1 🇬🇧 AIR COOLER 2024

We Bought & Tested The Most Popular Fan Air Coolers & Portable AC's, Here’s Why Nexfan is Our #1 Pick

SUMMARY: The Nexfan cold air fan is a very useful and versatile fan, you can use it in any room in your home at any time whether you are watching TV, lounging on the sofa, studying or working as a desk fan or sleeping by the bedside. It has been designed to be extremely simple, intuitive and convenient, with just the push of a button you will have cool air close to you.

UPDATE 2024 – Due to frequent media coverage and high consumer demand, Nexfan Portable Air Cooler is currently sold out in retail stores nationwide. However, it may still be available on their online website HERE.

When spring or summer arrives it starts to get unbearably hot. Every year my electricity bill rises dramatically at this time of year and it makes me think…. Is there really no alternative? Until now I didn’t think so.

I’m sure you know how frustrating it is to be at home when it’s hot, plus traditional high-powered air conditioners consume too much electricity as well as being heavy and bulky.

When I tested the Nexfan fan my expectations were low. I had never come across an effective indoor/outdoor mini air blower before. However, I am happy to admit that my perspective has improved lately.

Nexfan Air Cooler is a simple, but efficient, beautiful and effective fan.

First Impressions

When the Portable AC Nexfan arrived at my door just a few days after I ordered it, I was very happy with the speed of delivery. It was very easy and convenient. But the best was yet to come.

When I opened the package and saw it, I was amazed at how well made it was. The materials used were really sturdy and high quality, not like the cheap plastic you usually find. This fan was definitely a step above the rest.


One problem I’ve noticed with other fans is that they don’t have enough battery life to last more than 1 or 2 hours on. But this doesn’t happen with Nexfan Cooler as it has a USB connection that not only consumes virtually no power at all but can be plugged in ALL DAY.

You can also have this with traditional air conditioners, but the problem is that you will probably spend your month’s salary on it, not so with the Nexfan Air Vendilator!

Nexfan has a nice, square, simple design, which makes it very nice to have in any room of the house. It has different light modes that you can choose from to make the atmosphere more pleasant.

And here’s something great: Nexfan Portable AC has a small size and low weight specifically designed to carry it from one room in the house to another effortlessly.


I received the Nexfan fan on a Wednesday, and instantly decided to try it out at home……

Normally, I have to spend a lot of money to get a good fan to replace my traditional air conditioner, but I was hoping the Nexfan portable air conditioner would fix that. I connected it to the light via its USB cable and pressed the “ON” button.

Instantly I could see the lights glowing and I started to feel a very pleasant air coming out of its filters, however I thought it wasn’t too cold until I read in the instructions that you have to put water and ice in the tank and…. Unbelievable! The temperature of the air coming out of Nexfan dropped by about 10 degrees!

I got to test its light modes, I was fascinated to see how they changed, I could have a night party with this! In the end I left the blue colour on and left it on for hours.

What Else Makes The Nexfan Air Cooler The #1 Choice?

After testing over 79 different portable air conditioners & air coolers, Nexfan out performed the competition in many aspects. Here are some of the amazing features that stood out:

🗹 Advanced Insta-Frost technology – It uses state-of-the-art patented ventilation technology with special filters that allow hot air to be captured and expelled as cold air and improve air quality.

🗹 USB Connection – Thanks to its USB connection you can use the Nexfan fan all day long if you want to, its system is designed not to overload.

🗹 3 Different Speed Modes – You have 3 different air output modes, low, medium and the most powerful. They are perfect for using your Nexfan in the dining room, in the living room or even when you sleep.

🗹 Energy and Electricity Bill Savings – Thanks to its technology and its perfect design for low energy consumption, you will be able to reduce your electricity bills by avoiding having to plug in the traditional air conditioning that consumes so much electricity.

🗹 Portable and Lightweight Design – Nexfan is made of high quality yet lightweight materials, weighing less than 2 kg, it is ideal for carrying from one room in the house to another.

Common Questions & Answers

With the rise in popularity, our readers have emailed us many questions about Nexfan Air Fan. We’ve picked some of the common questions and answered them using objective tests. Here are some of them:

Just plug and play! no complicated installation or set up.

It has a USB connection that you can use with any plug in your home so you don’t have to turn it off all day if you want to.

Of course, your system is designed not to overload.

Yes, Nexfan seller offers you a 60-day money back guarantee on their website.

So, How Much Does It Cost?

Normally, quality air coolers go for between £100-200, so one would expect the LumenPump to be in this price range too…

In reality, LumenPump sells for only £100, since the founders are doing everything to keep the prices low. However the company has recently announced a LIMITED TIME 50% off sale bringing the price down to just £49 on their online site!

You can click HERE to check if the deal is still available on their offical website.

It’s certainly a small price to pay for the peace of mind that you’ll never be stranded on the road.

How Can It Be So Affordable?

The big name brands spend billions on fancy advertising (e.g. £6.5 Million for a 30 sec SuperBowl Ad). Guess who’s paying for that in the end? The customer!

Instead, Nexfan Air Cooler doesn’t run many ads and instead relies on word of mouth referral sales from their customers. That and selling mostly through their online store allowed them to keep costs lower than the competition.

So, What's The Verdict?

Everyone who has tested the Nexfan Air Cooler unanimously agrees; this is a must-have fan for anyone fed up with traditional air conditioner bills.

If you’re thinking of getting one, we suggest taking advantage of the 50% off summer discount before it runs out.

If you’re still on the fence, Nexfan has a 60 day money back guarantee (no questions asked) meaning that you could always buy one and return if if you don’t like it.

Where Can I Buy The Nexfan Fan?

To take advantage of the current 50% discount and order simply follow these steps:
1. Visit the official website to check stock
2. Select the amount of devices you want to purchase
3. Fill your shipping information and payment method
4. Relax and wait for the shipment to arrive at your doorstep!


As 2024, Ever since the Nexfan Portable AC was on major international media, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in its product and wants people to explore nature that they are now offering a one-time, 50% discount.

*Special Offer Now £35 vs £70 – Available Online Only -While Supplies Last


Meet Our Expert

Steve Smith

Steve is a certified tech genius. He’s worked in startups, for different tech blogs and was only 12 years old when he assembled his first computer. As our society grows more and more digital, we’re lucky to have an expert like Mark on our team.

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