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Lorry is a chef by trade, and also a dietitian. Being an expert in everything food & fitness, we rely on Lorry to make sure our lunch boxes at the office are as healthy as they can be. He grew up in New Jersey but has since relocated to Boulder, Colorado as she loves the mountains & nature.

Lorry Melon

Since he got the masters in Journalism from Rutgers University, Sylvia has gotten 10 years of experience in interior design journalism. He has worked for several magazines related to home decor and has a keen eye for both design and quality of product. He’s been with us for 2 years reviewing everything from furniture to garden tools to fashion products.

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Elora is a certified tech genius. She’s worked in startups, for different tech blogs and was only 12 years old when he assembled her first computer. As our society grows more and more digital, we’re lucky to have an expert like Steve on our team.


Krista comes from a medical background having. He has a passion for health tech & innovation. She follows all the latest trends where Silicon Valley meets Healthcare. Growing up in California he likes to go surfing whenever the waves are firing!